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Lian Li PC-X900 Mid-Tower Gaming Chassis

Le 17 mars 2014, 09:15 dans Humeurs 0

Below is a press release :

4 May 2010, Keelung, Taiwan – Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd. today announces its brand-new TYR series – the PC-X900 mid-tower chassis. With the hair-line brushed anodized aluminum finishing and its intelligent multi-heat zone design, the PC-X900 fits perfectly in the living room as a home theater system, as well as proving a complete thermal solution to the gamers. Lian Li once again proves its dedications in bringing a convenient and stylish life with the cutting-edge technology and tool-less design to its customers worldwide.
General FeaturesDimensioned at 230 x 598 x 388mm (W.H.D.), the PC-X900 is a mid-tower chassis, an alternative choice between the smaller PC-X500 and the full-size PC-X2000 from Lian Li’s product line. Net weight at 8.22kg, it includes three 5.25" optical drives, seven 3.5” hard drives separated in two cages, all with the patented tool-less design. Supporting ATX/M-ATX motherboards, the PC-X900 can hold video cards maximum of 300mm length, as well as occupying seven PCI slots and four USB 3.0 ports mounted on the top cover alongside one e-SATA HD audio port. The TYR PC-X900 is available in red, black and silver colors.
Easy Access & Spatial DesignThe most convenient tool-less design is an important key feature for Lian Li’s cases in 2010. Power users’ requirements of building systems faster and swapping the components often have been taken into consideration. This is why the side panel of PC-X900 is transparent, and can be opened easily with the tool-less latch, the motherboard tray can be opened and CPU coolers are removable; the multimedia I/O ports are designed right on the top of the case; and the PCI add-on cards can be assembled effortlessly. When installing the 5.25” optical drive, users can simply slide the drive into the bay and close the mounting bar to secure.
The motherboard is positioned at the middle-level of PC-X900, allowing an easy access to the motherboard and more room for larger CPU coolers. There is also enough room for a 180mm long power supply at the rear of the case.
Cooling Fans & Thermal SolutionLian Li’s PC-X900 has two heat zones design to have better thermal solution and tidy up internal space. Moreover, the PC-X900 features three and two 120mm LED fans at the front and rear of the case, respectively. The fans cover the whole motherboard so they bring in cold air and remove heat effectively. There are also vents on the PCI slots, providing extra cooling to the graphics cards. The power supply unit is at the bottom of the case so that it can draw cold air in directly through the vent below. Finally, there is a fan controller in the back of the case for users to adjust the fan speed and get the best balance between silence and cooling.

Lian Li Outs PC-V750 E-ATX Chassis

Le 17 mars 2014, 09:15 dans Humeurs 0

So your EVGA SR-X system is beginning to wear off on you, and you worry about keeping it on an open-air test-bench? Lian Li has just the chassis for you. The Taiwan-based premium PC chassis designer announced the PC-V750, an E-ATX full-tower with a front-mounted PSU bay. It will be available in three variants: PC-V750A (all-silver exterior and interior), PC-V750B (all-black exterior, silver interior), and PC-V750WX (all-black exterior and interior, with an acrylic windowed side-panel).


The PC-V750 measures230mm x (H) 440mm x (D) 586mm, its designers saved it some height by locating its PSU tray from its typical bottom-rear to bottom-front; and pushing the 3.5-inch / 2.5-inch drive cage up, eating into what couldve been a bunch of seldom-used 5.25-inch bays. The case thus ends up with just the one 5.25-inch bay, a zesty nine 3.5-inch bays, of which six have SATA back-plates, giving them hot-plugging capabilities. These bays can be converted to 2.5-inch bays.The other three squat on the floor of the case.


While the motherboard tray of the PC-V750 is wide enough to hold E-ATX motherboards, its also tall, with three additional expansion slot bays, that can be used to accommodate XL-ATX (eg: EVGA X79 Classified) and HPTX (eg: EVGA SR-X); although the tray only has cutout for one CPU socket. A reinforcement beam runs the entire height of the case, and holds expansion cards firmly in place, preventing PCB bending.


The PSU bay of the PC-V750 is located at the bottom-front portion of the case. A 3-pin AC power extension cable runs through the case, connecting to it. Air ventilation is aplenty. The entire front portion of the case is perforated. Right next to the drive cage are two 120 mm front intake fans. Two 140 mm fans deck up the top. A 120 mm rear exhaust fan makes for the rest of the included fans. Front panel connectivity includes two USB 3.0 ports (standard header), HD audio front-panel jacks, and one each of USB 2.0/1.1 and eSATA.

Lian Li did not release the pricing of the three PC-V750 variants.


Lian Li Outs PC-B12 Silent Case

Le 17 mars 2014, 09:15 dans Humeurs 0

Lian Li announced the newest in its line of silent PC cases, the PC-B12. The all-aluminum ATX case is armed with acoustic damping foam on most of its panels, and features a downwards-facing exhaust baffle to dampen noise from the rear fan.


The Lian Li PC-B12 has minimal air vents. Two low-speed 140 mm fans draw air from the outside, through a narrow intake vent. The outward airflow from the 120 mm rear exhaust fan is passed through an exterior baffle. The front and side panels are layered with acoustic damping material. The aluminum feet of the case are suspended on rubberized bottoms, that dampen vibrations.


The PC-B12 from Lian Li is an ATX mid-tower case, measuring 210 x 472 x 498 mm (W x D x H), weighing 6.4 kg. It is made mostly of anodized aluminum. Drive bays include two 5.25-inch exposed, three 3.5-inch discrete, and one 2.5-inch discrete. Drive installation is mostly tool-free, with the fasteners having strong joints and rubberized inner surfaces, to dampen vibrations. The drive cage holding the 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch bays is detachable.


The case has a total of eight expansion card slots, seven of which have tool-free fasteners. The motherboard tray has cutouts for cabling and managing CPU coolers with back-plates. The front utility panel has two USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports (standard headers), and audio jacks (HDA front-panel headers). The case has enough room for graphics cards that are 36 cm (14.17-inch) long, and PSUs that are 24 cm (9.44-inch) long. There are two big cutouts for liquid-cooler tubing to go in and out of the case.

Backed by a 2-year warranty, the PC-B12 from Lian Li is priced at US $169 (S$212).

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